Standoff 3

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5 stars

Standoff 3 is an impressive shooter that will throw you into a gripping battle between two player teams. You are going to choose one of the sides – terrorists or special forces – and then fight together with your comrades against the enemy. To succeed in your mission, you’ll have to polish up your reflexes and act accurately in each situation. If you’re killed right at the beginning, you’ll have to sit and wait in the lobby till the end of the match. So try to survive at least until the middle!

Those playing Standoff for the first time often face difficulties. They panic when encountering the enemies and make mistakes that cost them their lives. If you find yourself in a challenging situation, don’t worry, keep playing and gradually you’ll gain all the necessary experience and knowledge that will allow you to walk around the map with confidence! After all, this is a very just game. Winning or loosing depends solely on your skills and the ability to coordinate actions inside the team. Equipping a certain rifle or carrying around a bunch of grenades won’t give you any noticeable advantage if you can’t use those weapons correctly.

Speaking of weapons, there is quite a wide selection of those. You can buy it for virtual money that you’ll earn during the matches. Completing missions and opening the mysterious gift boxes will also allow you to expand your arsenal. You can become an owner of some legendary guns like Desert Eagle, AK 47 and others. There is also an ability to exchange weapons, costumes and skins between the members of the team. Finally, one can’t ignore the amazing graphics that is highly detailed and realistic. Launch Standoff 3 online, discover all the marvelous new features added by the developers to the new version and join the fierce battle that is about to unfold on your smartphone screen!