Standoff 2020

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5 stars

Terrorists never sleep! And neither do special forces. There is eternal war going on between them and if you want to be part of it, welcome to Standoff 2020! You are about to spend some great time shooting, stealthing and doing all the other great stuff shooters like that have to offer us. Compared to most action games for mobile, Standoff will surprise you with fantastic visuals, high-quality 3D textures and smooth animation. There are different weapons and modes to choose from, including those familiar to you from other games of the kind and some new options you can explore.

The new version of the legendary shooter has six different map types opening up plenty of strategies requiring you to adapt your playing style to new circumstances if you want to win. What will it be this time? Perhaps you want to try your hand at capturing the flag? Or robbing the safe of the opposing team? How about taking part in a thrilling race of arms and becoming the winner by killing your enemies with every single weapon available in the match? And surely you can enjoy the fascinating struggle over the bomb that terrorists must plant in the marked area of the map and special troops need to spot and deactivate saving all the hostages. This variety won’t let you get bored!

Standoff 2020 is all about team interaction and you’ll soon learn this is the key to success. There are plenty of tactical opportunities you can come up with on a team-size scale, including weapon exchange and active communication during the match. Isn’t it great to have a shoulder you can lean on in case of danger? Explore other features and possibilities of Standoff 2020 and join one of the thrilling matches running on our site night and day!