Standoff 2

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5 stars

Hot action, plenty of guns to shoot, various maps and modes to try – all this is Standoff 2! The game is characterized by an extremely high pace. It doesn’t matter which mode you choose, the sessions are held as quickly as possible, no more than 10 minutes. This is suitable for smartphone owners who want to pass their time playing a game on the road or somewhere in the line. This feature also has a positive effect on your emotions. You don’t get too overwhelmed by defeats or victories and just enter a new match. The action takes place on small locations that, nevertheless, offer a huge variety of tactical positions and cover. Everything happens fast, the first collisions occur right at the beginning of the session because the players are brought so close together. This is perfect for those who value dynamics.

The game boasts three main game modes. In Team Battle, you’ll be put into a squad with several other players, and the team with the highest number of kills will win. There is also the classic Bomb Planting mode where terrorists need to lay a bomb and special forces are sent over with a mission to defuse it. Finally, you can also try your hand at Arms Race where you need to kill opponents from specific weapons as quickly as possible. Each of these modes has its own thrills and perks. Of course, you’ll have to use different tactics in different situations which makes the whole thing even more fascinating.

Another advantage of Standoff 2 is its elaborate skins. Skin is the texture of the weapon, its coloring, and they are received from the boxes. You can also become the owner of unique gun colors if you constantly play and collect dozens of simple skins, and then create more rare ones from them. That’s basically the only advantage you can have over your opponents from the start and it’s purely decorative as you can see. No player has any skills of weapons that would give them an instant edge over the rest. And that’s very reassuring because nobody wants to lose just because they were set up against a stronger enemy. There are plenty of other things about Standoff 2 that make it a great shooter. Start playing and discover them for yourself!