Escape from Tarkov

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3.7 stars

Russia and the military – these two notions often go together and thus are a perfect duo for a promising online shooter like Escape from Tarkov. The plot of the game revolves around a small city on the border of Russia flooded with outrage and lawlessness. Europe in on the verge of war and you’re caught right in the middle of it. USEC solves issues and advocates for the interests of the corporation; BEAR eliminates NATO mercenaries and tries to keep the situation under control. You need to decide which of this fractions you are about to play for. The choice will have an influence on the gameplay and the storyline. So far, it is everyone on their own, but in the future your karma will decrease for killing along with the attitude of NPC. Every decision and action of yours will affect the scenario – for instance, you can marry the Wild creating difficulties for the two main factions.

But before you run into all sorts of fixes and intrigues, your mind will be occupied with just one thing. Your main task is to survive, get valuable things, if possible, and return alive. Getting something useful is not so simple, but you can lose it in seconds by getting an ax on the back of your head or catching a charge of buckshot with your back. There is virtually no room for error. Death is the complete loss of everything, including ammunition and weapons. Just a few screwups like these are enough for you to be left without everything that was accumulated earlier or received in the set. Especially valuable items can be stored in a protected container, but its size is limited. That fuels interest in the game even more – the understanding that significant losses come from the loss of control. Every shotgun you find becomes something you need to hold on to at all costs.

Fans of exploration will be able to enjoy a large number of passages, hidden drawers, rooms that can only be accessed if you find a special key. There is no universal method of breaking into all such zones. Speaking of doors, this is one of a few shooters that offers such a wide choice to interact with them. You can open and close them, knock on them, break through them or throw a grenade into the doorway. That said, walking into any of the rooms puts you under the risk of getting a bullet or being cut with a hunting knife. There is no place for relaxed gameplay. Are you up for this kind of challenge? Then play Escape from Tarkov online and see if you can handle it!