Escape from Tarkov Customs Map

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So you just launched Escape from Tarkov and are setting out for your first raid. The rules are simple – you need to reach the exit from the location without dying from a random bullet or dehydration, and if possible find something useful for use or sale. Other participants are doing the same thing, and it is quite possible to cooperate with them. But this is unlikely since the city is in chaos and nobody really trusts strangers preferring to shoot them before they shoot first.

There are also bots in the role of local outlaws (they are called “Wildlings” here), although they are not particularly dangerous. Yes, they handle weapons well, but their actions are easy to predict, so it’s enough to learn their patterns of behavior to successfully avoid any threat. In the future, players will also be able to act as “Wildlings”: in this case, choosing equipment will not work, but, having survived, it will be possible to replenish the caches of the main character, if you can find something valuable.

So far, three maps are available in Escape from Takrov: “Customs”, “Forest” and “Plant”. And while the latter is a relatively small level with practically no space to turn around with long-range weapons, the first two will take a long time to explore. The gameplay at each location is unique. “Plant” is a paradise for campers and those capable of controlling themselves before rushing into action. You are guided mostly by sound, moving around in short runs, from cover to cover. Shotguns and pistols are best for this location allowing you to shoot quickly, without spending a lot of time searching for the enemy. As a rule, survivors here are the most patient players.

“Customs” is already different. It’s an extensive open-air territory, built up with garages and warehouses, with a railway and a river nearby. You’ll have to work hard if you want to find other players or valuable loot. Skirmishes at medium distances, the active use of shelters and rounding from the flanks – short-barrels will hardly come in handy here. Finally, there is “Forest” – wildlife in the suburbs, with enough of both coniferous thickets and open spaces. Here the full potential of sniper weapons is revealed. Enjoy the peculiarities of each map playing Escape from Tarkov online!