Escape from Tarkov 3

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5 stars

What are we looking for in a good shooter? First and foremost, great weapons and realistic shooting. Second, gripping story and plausible characters. And third, wide gameplay opportunities that won’t keep us just running around and firing our gun. You’ll find all of this in Escape from Tarkov 3!

The developers have approached the weapon assortment very thoroughly. Your arsenal includes only models that exist in reality, with real characteristics allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the process and experience the whole complicated physics of shooting as if you were actually doing it on the battlegrounds. This concerns mags, bullets, the behavior of the gun – everything. Each weapon can be observed in detail and modified to your liking. You can install a wide range of aims, replace stocks and grips and perform plenty of other manipulations to make your weapon most suitable to your playing style. There is plenty of space for experimenting here.

The only thing you shouldn’t forget about is that, the more modules you put on yourself, the more interesting you become to enemies. Even if are wearing a bulletproof jacket and a helmet, this is no guarantee that you won’t be brought down with a shotgun bullet just around the corner. So don’t think that covering yourself with several layers of armor and shaking the most powerful gun on the scene will automatically make your invincible. Your ammunition should function in tandem with your skills if you hope to win.

Aside from finding the equipment on the map, you can also buy the necessary weapons, bullets, magazines and modules from sellers. This is also a place where you can sell stuff you don’t need. The sellers will also give you tasks that you can accomplish for valuable reward. Of course, they are not obligatory, but they can make the gameplay even more exciting and provide you with some new information, not to say extra money and cool items. This is where the linear storyline of the game splits and branches out offering more ways of surviving in the severe environment of Tarkov and interacting with a larger number of characters, and generally giving you a deeper, better understanding of this complex virtual world. Your daunting adventures in Escape from Tarkov 3 are about to start! Are you ready?