Escape from Tarkov 2020

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5 stars

If you are looking for a really grim, challenging shooter that will require all of your skills and wits, Escape from Takrov 2020 may be just perfect for you! Players begin at one of these locations: forest, customs or factory. From there on, you need to start your exploration of Tarkov and its surroundings scavenging for supplies and any useful tools or weapons and looking out for danger. And there will be plenty of it! The town is a mess, nobody cares for your life and will happily end it just to pick up your possessions. If you’re down, you’ll lose everything you’ve collected so far, so be extra vigilant.

One of the main features of the game is the stunning degree of realism. This is clearly visible in the mechanics of combat, damage, the behavior of weapons during firing, ballistics and so on. Fractures, blood loss, concussions, fatigue, dehydration, hunger – all this is also present. To survive, you need to eat, otherwise you’ll get tired and much less effective and eventually can even die. The same goes for any injury – it should be cured otherwise you’ll face consequences, so better get stock up on first aid kits.

Aside from that, there are also some additional conditions of the environment – weather, time of the day – that are also changing. Also imposes its own characteristics and brings variety. There are quite a large number of approaches and options to get from point A to point B. Depending on which one you choose, there will also be different requirements for the ammunition to perform your job with better efficiency.

You can rest only when inspecting your caches, which stores the entire scrub of the player and weapons. Here you can see the statistics, throw out excess items, learn skills, view locations on the map.This is also the place where your are going to equip yourself before walking out to explore another area, which also requires attention and prioritization.

Solo campaign isn’t the only way to pass the game. You can play in groups or join the clan. The advantage of interacting with your team is especially noticeable on big maps. But note that if you never played with these particular people before, you shouldn’t count on your comrades too much – they can let you down at the most critical moment. Comparing the to the previous versions, Escape from Tarkov 2020 includes some new, amazing features and content that will keep you at the screen for hours. Shall we begin?