Escape from Tarkov 2

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5 stars

This thrilling survival shooter will take you to the fictional city of Tarkov in the north-west of Russia. In Soviet times, it was closed for visiting because it hosted a number of important defense enterprises. This status was withdrawn in the 90s and after some time Tarkov became the largest industrial and economic center of the European part of Russia. It clearly didn’t happen without foreign investors, one of which was Terra Group, an international corporation that invested a lot of money in the city’s economy.

Everything seemed to be fine – the region is developing, foreign partners were making a profit, the government and the population was thriving. But Terra Group turned out to be dishonest and unreliable. Moreover, it was not a matter of minor frauds, but rather serious law violations. The management didn’t hesitate to use brute force in the form of a private military company USEC to solve problems. At some point, the situation got out of control, and the city became a ticking bomb ready to explode, with Russian PMCs called BEAR confronting the western mercenaries. Most civilians left Tarkov, and the few remaining are trying to survive in the midst of complete chaos and anarchy. There is also enough of those who decided to use the current situation for their own enrichment, since the one who shoots first is right.

The player in the role of one of the mercenaries – BEAR or USEC – must find a way out of the city, which has turned into a territory of lawlessness. The command has not been in contact for a long time, there is no news from the outside world – the city is blocked by the UN military and Russian troops. Everyone, including other employees of both PMCs, local residents and bandits, can be an enemy, like a friend. How to behave in such a situation and how to survive? You are free to decide for yourself in Escape from Tarkov 2!