Escape from Tarkov Game Play Online For Free

Welcome to Tarkov, a grim city on the border of Russia that has sunken into chaos and blood. Local military forces are fighting a mysterious foreign corporation willing to take hold of the territory. There is shooting everywhere and the population is desperate. Some take advantage of the dark times, others just try to survive. Time to choose your side and join the war that keeps raging in Escape from Tarkov!

Realistic weapons, cool modifications!

Having learned the basic facts of the city’s history, you can start the exploration of Tarkov. The first thing you need to do is to visit your cache and choose a set of equipment. That can keep you busy for a while – once you get there, you’ll discover that you can dismantle every gun and modify basically any part of it, from barrel and grip to aim and mag. Digging through all this variety of weapons and modules is a fascinating activity. Note that any modifications affect the performance of your gun, so give it a throughout thought.

You can clearly see how much love and care has been put into weapon design. All models are very high-quality and perfectly emulate their real-life counterparts. You can observe every element in detail, replace it with another one or remove altogether. The absence of certain gear won’t leave you high and dry in combat – you can still fight and shoot without some parts provided that all critically important modules are in place.

Fight and survive!

Your character has certain vital statistics and a tree of skills you can upgrade. Make sure to check up on your state of health once in a while – life in Tarkov is rather severe. The wounds actually bleed draining your health bar and you can die from hunger or dehydration, so you’d better make some room for at least a bottle of water in your inventory. In the long run, it all comes down to your survival skills – how careful, vigilant and resourceful you are.

From the second you find yourself on one of the maps, you’ll be in constant danger. There are enough people willing to shoot you down either to pick up your belongings or just for the fun of it. Other players and bots will be aiming at you from every suitable cover. So Escape from Tarkov is largely about stealth, although there are also enough opportunities for open confrontations and quick skirmishes. Will you be able to exit the location alive, hopefully with your hands full of valuable loot? Explore the area, equip yourself the best way you can, accomplish missions and watch out!